Make Every Day Earth Day


In 1970, Earth Day was created to celebrate the planet’s environment.  This year was to be a special 50th Anniversary celebration.  And that is virtually gone – or should I say, gone virtual?  The good news is, there is still so much we can do, because EVERY day is Earth Day!

Even with “Stay at Home” guidelines, we can still celebrate this important global movement.  Some people have extra time on our hands now.  Use this phase we’re in to learn more about the Earth Day movement or take a look at the great things we are doing year round at Keep Virginia Beautiful, at Keep America Beautiful, and all our many partners and affiliates in the Commonwealth.  And if you’re in a cleaning mood, don’t send all your cast-offs to the landfill as trash.  Set aside a box or two for America Recycles Day.

Or WE can use this time to create a beautiful plan of action!

Families can see if their street is eligible for the free Adopt-a-Highway program by agreeing to pick up litter and recyclables on their adopted two-mile stretch of road at least twice a year.  Need some money for your green endeavor?  Think of the projects your school, or town, or group could do with funding we provide through our 30 in 30 Green Grants Program.  Applications will be taken through April 30th, don’t miss out!  Share your good work through our Get Caught in a Beautiful Act program.

We don’t need large gatherings and megaphones to celebrate Earth Day.  We can tiptoe through the tulips in our flowerbeds.  We can walk through the woods, on the beaches, or in the valleys to appreciate the sights and sounds of the natural bounty we have in Virginia.  And we can strive to improve the natural and scenic environment of our beautiful Commonwealth in our own homes, in our own backyards.  Because remember, EVERY day is Earth Day!