Litter Prevention

Keep Virginia Beautiful was founded on anti-litter efforts nearly 70 years ago and it remains the focus of our largest efforts. Empowering groups to be a part of the litter solution and providing the tools to succeed is a priority and privilege.

Cigarette litter is particularly harmful and prevalent in downtown areas, especially. One rain storm can carry thousands of cigarette butts into creeks, streams and rivers where they do damage to our wildlife and water quality. KVB provides groups, businesses and municipalities the opportunity to tackle this environmental menace through cigarette receptacle and pocket ashtray programs and resources from its partners. KVB can be seen at events of all sizes offering convenient cigarette butt pouches for smokers to properly dispose of their butts. Butt receptacles of all kinds can be found doing the duty and helping to Keep Virginia Beautiful.

Find out more here, including grant opportunities, resources and other ways you can get involved.