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The Virginia Department of Transportation partners with Keep Virginia Beautiful to promote the Adopt-a-Highway program throughout Virginia. The program is free and easy to participate in!

The Adopt-a-Highway program provide an opportunity for businesses, civic groups and even families to clean up litter and be recognized for their efforts with a sign featuring their name after two pickups have been documented. Groups are required to clean up a minimum of 2x per year for a 3 year commitment.

VDOT set up the Adopt-a-Highway program in 1988, and each year, nearly 18,000 Adopt-a-Highway volunteers collect more than 25,000 bags of waste along Virginia’s highways. It is estimated that these efforts save the commonwealth over $1.35 million that would have otherwise gone to clean up Virginia’s roads. Groups agree to adopt a two mile stretch of highway in their community by picking up litter and recyclables at least twice a year for three years. In return, VDOT provides trash bags, vests, important safety information and highway signs that recognize the individual or group.

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Apply for a dumpster donation through to clean up your stretch of highway here.

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