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Secure Your Load

Litter and debris on roads cause car accidents. All that it takes is for some trash in the road and it is an accident waiting to happen. Whether it is the result of a Toyota Prius running over a piece of metal on the highway or an RV swerving to avoid trash, you can indirectly cause an accident by littering. Unsecured loads are responsible for an estimated 25,000 accidents each year in the United States, resulting in approximately 80-90 deaths per year (Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety). To make sure your vehicle is road-worthy, please review the following tips:

      • Use tarps, bungee cords, netting, straps or rope
      • Put lighter weight items at the bottom of the load
      • Tie larger items directly to your vehicle
      • Don’t overload your vehicle
      • Finally, and honestly the most important, is answering one simple question should indicate if your load is secure: WOULD I FEEL SAFE IF I WERE DRIVING BEHIND MY VEHICLE?

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