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30 in 30


If you were a 2017 30 in Thirty Grant recipient, use the form below to submit your results.

We started this program in 2011 to empower groups all across Virginia to make an environmental impact in their own communities. Keep Virginia Beautiful awards grants of $500-$1,000 for projects in these four categories:  Community Beautification and Greening, Litter Prevention, Recycling, and Cigarette Litter Prevention. New this year:  five bonus grants of $2,000 were available!

Since 2011, we have provided $178,000 for 230 different projects at schools colleges, parks, counties and towns, environmental groups, associations, nonprofits, and service organizations!

Online applications were accepted April 1st – 30th in honor of Earth Month. A panel of expert judges reviewed the applications in May, and we announced our “30 Grants in Thirty Days” recipients each day in the month of June on social media and this website.

We appreciate the generosity of our 2017 partners at Altria, Keep America Beautiful, and Deep Run Marathon Dance.

And the 2017 “30 Grants in Thirty Days” winners are:

Thank you also to this year’s judges. They come from a variety of backgrounds, and contributed an enormous amount of talent to this initiative with their knowledge and expertise.  We appreciate the many hours they spent reading and evaluating applications!

Panel of Judges
30 Grants in Thirty Days  – 2017

Community Beautification:
Lane Guilliam, former KVB Board member, Link Museum
Lynn McCashin, Garden Club of Virginia
Nancy Heltman, Dept. of Conservation and Recreation
Irina Calos, Community Involvement Specialist, DEQ

Litter Prevention and Cigarette Litter Prevention:
Ryan Bauersachs, Board Member, Altria/John Middleton Co.
Carol W. Doss, Former KVB Board member, Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful
Patty Averett, Litter and Recycling Manager for Amelia County
Mary Stuart-Torbeck, Sierra Club
Kris Ferguson, Board Member, Ferguson Environmental Consulting
Suzanne Taylor, Virginia Deptartment of Environmental Quality

Chris Conley, Board Member, Afton Chemical
Cathy Warner, Afton Chemical
Julie Daves, Board Member, Rappahannock Regional Solid Waste Board
Douglas Sharo,  WestRock’s Sustainability Manager
Sarah Woodhouse, Sustainable RVA Zero Waste Initiative
Lisa Moerner, Board Member, Dominion Energy



  • Litter Prevention – Grants will be awarded to parks, communities, government or non-profit entities that implement programs in Virginia to reduce litter. Funding will support educational outreach materials, and clean-up events. The purpose of these grants is to support sustainable prevention and a measurable reduction of litter within Virginia’s communities.
  • Recycling – Grants are awarded to schools, parks, communities, government or non-profit entities that implement programs in Virginia to reduce waste and increase recycling. Funding will support educational outreach materials, receptacles, and recycling events. The purpose of these grants is to promote waste reduction and a measurable increase in reuse and recycling within Virginia’s communities.
  • Beautification – Grants will be awarded to schools, parks, communities, government or non-profit entities in Virginia which support programs that beautify and clean. Funding will support community gardens, restoring vacant lots, highway and shoreline enhancement, plantings, graffiti abatement, revitalization projects, and sustainable neighborhood gardens.  The purpose of these grants is to support beautification efforts within Virginia’s communities.
  • Cigarette Litter Prevention – Cigarette butts account for over 30% of all U.S. roadway litter and storm drain litter.  Grants will be awarded for projects that include public education and awareness of the issue of cigarette litter, placing ash receptacles at transition points such as entrances to public buildings, and/or distributing pocket or portable ashtrays to adult smokers.

2017 30 Grants in Thirty Days Reporting Form

Thank you for completing this report form. The impact that you have on your local community is important to us, and the information gathered helps us in our mission to Keep Virginia Beautiful!
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