The Last Green Grant Goes to Renew Richmond!

The thirtieth grant award for 30 in 30 Green Grants for 2020 goes to Renew Richmond in the amount of $1,000 for their Community Beautification project!

Renew Richmond is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2009 to cultivate healthier, more self-empowered communities through agriculture and education.  They work with several Richmond schools to develop school gardens, promote food access, and offer education in agriculture and environmental sustainability.

Renew Richmond is in the final stages of transforming a neglected 1.5-acre parcel of land next to Armstrong High School into a thriving community farm and education center.  As the farm grows, they plan to incorporate a number of regenerative practices including pollinator gardens, increased biodiversity and native species plants, rain barrels, composting, and solar energy to power farm essentials.

They will use grant funds awarded by Keep Virginia Beautiful to buy trees, flowers, and bushes for the farm.

Thank you to Renew Richmond, and all of this year’s award recipients, for the programs and projects you’re doing for Virginia!