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Another 30 in Thirty Success!

We received a nice note recently from Linda Mrozinski, the Recycling & Litter Control Specialist for Accomac County Public Works. They won a 30 in Thirty Grant for a program called “Trees for Trash” that will teach school children the Ins & Outs of recycling. To help do that, she’s started a contest among the area elementary schools, and has designed a bumper sticker and bookmark to get things rolling. She told us:

“I have designed a Bumper Sticker/Window Decal we are having printed – “GET THE HABIT “RECYCLE.”  I am hoping to have most of the cars in Accomack County sporting one of these bumper/window stickers. Also I have designed a Book Marker for the children, with pictures of items that are recyclable (for the younger children, not able to read yet), along with the usual wording, describing each item.
Rules and information for the contest are already in the hands of the schools, and the receptacles for the recycling will go into place a few days before the contest begin. I have been in contact with our local paper and given them all the information also, they are going to run a story on what we are doing, and publish, weekly, bi-weekly, total to keep the competition going.  They will then publish the total pound collected at the end of the competition .
We are HOPING for GREAT results.”

Congrats, and we can’t wait to see your totals!