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THANK YOU to all the unsung Litter Warriors!

So this past weekend, as I was driving with my family, I noticed an older gentleman picking up litter along a very busy stretch of roadway…I wanted to pull over and tell him THANK YOU!  So here is my question, what posseses ordinary folks to pick up litter when they didn’t cause the problem in the first place?  Is it simply engrained in their make-up or did someone else teach them the importance of giving back?  One or the other or a combination of the two, it makes no difference…I simply want to say THANK YOU!

I recently learned of a gentleman, named Aaron (featured picture), in Northern Virginia who, without being asked, cleans up the roadways and waterways in the community that he lives in every week!  He doesn’t believe he deserves any recognition but I do!

Even my own children will walk an entire stretch of beach and pick up whatever trash they find, I don’t even have to ask or prompt anymore, they know its the right thing and they do it.  I know there are countless others who clean up litter either along the roads or waterways and I personally want to say THANK YOU.  You are the true litter warriors!

So here is my challenge to you, next time you go to a park, beach, river, campgorund, etc., bring a bag, spend 15 minutes and clean up the litter.  I promise that you will feel better by helping a green space stay green  and your act may be seen by others and maybe they will think twice about littering next time or better still take your cue and make the commitment themselves to become litter warriors!

THANK YOU to all the unsung LITTER WARRIORS, you are the environment’s heros!

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  1. Aaron Gilman says:

    I got to thank Kevin Chroniger and the Sterling Foundation who have been fighting this battle for a long time. The Sterling Foundation is the group that should be recognized. Kevin is the guy who has been taking this project of cleaning up Sterling by the horns. As a group we make the difference and making Sterling a better community. I am glad to be a part of it so I got to thank Kevin Chroniger and the Sterling Foundation for letting me be a part of their group. On this day we had about 16 other volunteers working as well. So I want to recognize them as well.

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