To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

A New Way to Celebrate 60 Years

We told you that we had some great things planned for 2013, and those plans have started to come together:

We’d like for you to visit our new partner site,  This will be with us as we coordinate events, actions and news across the Commonwealth throughout our Anniversary year.

When we started out in 1953 we just wanted to tidy up some litter.  But Keep Virginia Beautiful has become much larger than that simple mission.  And this new site helps to highlight that.  So here’s what you’ll see:

  • Give 60:  We’re asking each Virginia citizen to use 2013 as a chance to either give $60 or 60 minutes to help to Keep Virginia Beautiful.  This can be done by an individual action or as part of a group.  Just remember our five impact areas, (Litter Prevention, Recycling, Waste Reduction, Beautification & Education) and get busy!  If you need some inspiration or would like to find a group to connect with, head over to our Events Page.
  • Get Caught in a Beautiful Act:  They say that if you want to encourage positive behavior it is more useful to catch people doing something good.  This is your opportunity to recognize others for doing something positive in their neighborhood or community.  Take a photo or video of an individual or group giving back, send it to us, and we’ll enter them in a contest to determine the most Beautiful Acts!
  • Our 60th Anniversary Gala:  Who doesn’t like a good party, and especially on your birthday?  As part of our celebration, we invite you to join us at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, October 5, 2013.  We’ll recognize those who have done the most to Keep Virginia Beautiful, there will be music and food, and we’ll auction some stuff off.  Nothing from the VMFA Permanent Collection, mind you, but some cool stuff.  And it will be the biggest party we’ve ever thrown.
  • The 3rd Annual Keep Virginia Beautiful Golf Tournament:  June 10th at Stonehenge Golf & Country Club.  We like Stonehenge because they’re sort of a Green Golf Course.  Sounds funny, right?  Well, they do a great deal to reduce their water usage, their need for chemicals, and encourage wildlife habitat.  The Tournament is open to anyone who wants to play or field a team, and if you register before February 15th we’ll cut you a deal.
  • 30 in 30:  This is one of our proudest achievements.  Each year, to coincide with Earth Day, we use the month of April to award 30 grants in thirty days.  This is seed money for groups and organizations who wish to do something to help us in our mission to Keep Virginia Beautiful.  We’ve helped schools start gardens and recycling projects, civic groups rehabilitate playgrounds, and towns beautify their public spaces.  All they had to do was have a good idea and apply for the grants!

As you can see, we have plenty planned for our 60th Birthday.  But we can’t really celebrate it in style without your help.  Visit our KVB60 site and learn some more about how you can help us in 2013 to Keep Virginia Beautiful.