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BUY LOCAL – Shop Your Farmer’s Markets

Buy Fresh.  Buy Local.


Have you ever wondered where the produce at your local grocery store comes from?  Many grocery stores import food from all over the United States.  Most produce in the US is picked 4-7 days before being placed on supermarket shelves and is shipped for an average of 1500 miles before being sold!

To reduce “food miles” and support your local economy, consider shopping at your local farmer’s market.  These markets are held during the summer and offer shoppers a wide range of fresh and locally produced food and goods.  Farmer’s markets are important because they enable local producers to sell their goods directly to consumers.  This means fresher food, affordable prices, and more income for producers.

Food sold at a farmer’s market is most likely picked a day or so before sale, making it more crisp, flavorful and nutritious (since harvested food will quickly lose its nutrients).  Local goods travel a smaller distance, reducing fuel costs, thus reducing prices for consumers. This also reduces the carbon footprint of the food you consume.   Finally, buying from local producers benefits the local economy.  Studies have shown that small farms re-invest most of their money into the local community by purchasing feed, seed and other materials from local businesses.  As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to shopping local.

There are some great options for those of us in the River City.  Send us a post with the best options in your neck of the state and don’t forget your reusable bags!

Farmers Markets in the Richmond Area

North of the James Market

  • Bryan Park (4540 Hermitage Road, exit 80 off of I-95)
  • Runs May 4 through October 26
  • Open Tuesdays (3pm to 7pm)
  • Tons of free parking is available throughout the park.

Byrd House Market

  • 224 S. Cherry Street (S. Linden Street and Idlewood Avenue, behind William Byrd Community House)
  • Runs May through October
  • Open Tuesdays (3:30pm to 7pm)
  • Plenty of street parking is available

Lakeside Farmers Market

  • 6110 Lakeside Avenue (one block south of Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens)
  • Runs May through November
  • Open Wednesdays (8am to 12pm; 3pm to 7pm) and Saturdays (8am to 12pm)
  • Free parking is available in the adjacent lot

West End Farmers Market

  • 12450 Gayton Road (intersection of Gayton Road and Ridgefield Parkway)
  • Runs April 24 through October 31
  • Open Wednesdays (3pm to 7pm) and Saturdays (8am to 12pm)
  • Parking is available.

17th Street Farmers Market

  • 100 North 17th Street (17th and Main Streets)
  • Runs from the end of April through the end of October
  • Open Thursdays (8:30am to 4pm), Saturdays (9am to 4pm)
  • Free parking is available during market hours at their lot on 18th and Grace Streets

First Fridays at Quirk Gallery

  • 311 W. Broad Street
  • Runs monthly (except January)
  • First Friday of the month (6pm to 9:30pm)
  • Street parking available

South of the James Market

  • Forest Hill Park (Forest Hill Avenue and 42nd Street)
  • Runs May 1 through December 4
  • Open Saturdays (8am to 12pm)
  • Free parking is available in the adjacent lot and there are always plenty of spots on the street

Monument Market

  • 2581 Monument Avenue (Monument Avenue and N. Robinson Street)
  • Runs May 1 through October 2
  • Open Saturdays (8am to 12pm)
  • Street parking is available

The Market at St. Stephen’s

  • 6000 Grove Avenue
  • Runs May through October
  • Open Saturdays (8am to 12pm)
  • Street parking is available.
Blog Written By: Christina Daniel