To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

Litter Prevention


  • Reducing cigarette litter
  • Reducing plastic bag litter
  • Improving litter law enforcement
  • Eliminating dumping illegally
  • Reducing roadside litter through responsible covering of vehicle loads.
Going to the Dogs

As we all know, Virginia is for Lovers. And especially dog lovers. But…

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Sustainable Sounds

You’re probably like many and will head to an outdoor festival or event this summer. What will you leave behind?

Shark Sighting. Who’s Swimming?

But let’s put this shark business in context. Are they dangerous to Virginians?

Be Nice to Our Parks

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation just collected about 125,000 pounds of litter in a single day. Not very nice, is it?

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Have a Green Summer!

We’ve had the pleasure of encouraging recycling and litter prevention at a ton of great events.

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Bear Creek Lake Final 2015 30 in 30 Winner

We’ve awarded our last 2015 Grant to this State Park for litter prevention. They will install cigarette receptacles around the grounds.

Colonial Beach Green Grabs 30 in 30

This environmental group will use their Grant to beautify local school grounds and start a litter prevention program.