To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.



  • Protecting Virginia’s scenic viewsheds
  • Promoting more walkable and bicycle friendly options in communities
  • Promoting tree planting, roadside wildflower and scenic byway programs
What a Shiver in the River!

Our inaugural Shiver in the River was an overwhelming success. Year two was even better.

Shiver on  2015-01-31 at 01-30-32
Almost Time to Shiver in the River!

Fluctuating temperatures mean Winter in Central Virginia and that much closer to Shiver in the River!

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Virginia Tourism is Cash Money

We spent the weekend in far, Southwest Virginia, and were reminded of how valuable Virginia’s beauty is.

Shiver, Recycling, and Other News

We have some updates on Shiver in the River, our recycling efforts, and America Recycles Day.

Shiver on  2015-01-31 at 01-32-21
Shiver in the River is Back!

Last year we had a crazy idea. What if we had a cleanup and then jumped in the James in January? Well, we did, and Shiver in the River is back.

Amazing Raise, Community Blitz, and More News

Cleanups, The Amazing Raise, and notes from a 30 in 30 winner! So much to share!

Our Second Community Blitz

This is our 2nd Community Improvement Blitz, and we need your help. September 11 & 12.