Cleanup Kit Giveaway!

As we find ourselves in times full of uncertainty,
we can find peace in the things we can control.
Litter is one of them. Be a part of the solution!

Are you ready to take control of your corner of the world to tackle the litter problem?  We want to help you get started!  We’re giving away ten Cleanup Kits this month!  Each Kit has six trash grabbers, trash bags, recycling bags, gloves, and a scale to measure your accomplishments!  We will choose ten names from all those entered on or before July 31st and ship a kit directly to them. Just enter your name on the form, and tell us what you hope to do if you receive a Cleanup Kit!

Litter prevention and litter abatement are areas where we have control over our behavior, one that can have a serious impact on our environment.  Litter isn’t just a messy bad habit, it affects our health and the communities where we live.

We can prevent litter by properly disposing or recycling our food containers.  We can bring re-usable produce bags to the store instead of using the single-use plastic bags they provide.  We can recycle our drive-through coffee cup, our Amazon boxes, and our plastic bottles.  Better yet, learn more about Plastic Free July!

We can pick up litter in our neighborhoods, parking lots, and public parks.  Being mindful of COVID restrictions, we can clean up the landscape with our family members, or join others at a social distance. Use gloves and grabbers to avoid contact with litter.  And remember that PPE is not recyclable, littered masks and gloves must go in the trash.  Need inspiration?  Check out the Great American Cleanup® to see what you can do to help!

And if you’re an Adopt-a-Highway permit holder, have your group spread out, or go at alternate times to clean up the road you’ve adopted.  If you haven’t volunteered to adopt a highway – why not join?  Learn more about Adopt-a-Highway, it’s free and easy to accomplish.

What are you doing about litter?  We’d love to hear about the Beautiful things that are going on in communities all across the Commonwealth.  And don’t forget to take the pledge to promise not to litter!