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30 in Thirty and Earth Day News!

In case you’ve missed it, 30 Grants in Thirty Days is open and accepting applications!

Since 2011, we’ve been able to award 150 groups over $110,000 to empower them to make a positive and long-lasting difference in their communities. Do you need some seed money for a community garden? A bit of change to spruce up that old playground? A gift of cash to tackle some trash? We can help with a grant of $500-$1,000.

Our categories are Litter Prevention, Recycling, and Community Beautification. Due to the incredible generosity of this year’s sponsors – Altria, Keep America Beautiful, the WestRock Foundation, and Trex, we’ve been able to add a brand-new category:  Cigarette Litter Prevention. This program funds projects that promote public education and awareness about cigarette litter, and funding for public ash receptacles and pocket ashtrays.

If your group is interested in more information, and/or is ready to apply for your 30 in Thirty Grant, head to the 30 in Thirty page to get started.


We launch 30 in Thirty each year to coincide with Earth Day, which this year will be on April 23rd. We will be at Shiplock Park in Richmond for that Earth Day Festival, and we hope to see you there. Look for our banner and table to learn more about our programs and to pick up some cool Keep Virginia Beautiful swag. Like last year, we’re also partnering with some great folks to conduct some cleanups on Friday, April 22nd, and Saturday the 23rd before our Festival. We’re working with the City of Richmond, MPACT, Neighbor to Neighbor, the Clean City Commission, and RVA Clean Sweep to beautify our part of the Commonwealth. We had over 400 join us for our Shiver in the River Cleanup in January, and we hope you’ll make that a bigger crowd at the end of April. Go to HandsOnRVA to choose which day and which area you would like to make an impact on.


Lastly, spots are filling up for our 2016 Keep Virginia Beautiful Golf Tournament. This is our 6th Annual, it’s always a ton of fun, and opportunities for players tend to fill up fast. It’s not until June 6th, so there’s still time to get involved, and we still have plenty of room for sponsors. If you want to join us at Stonehenge Golf & Country Club for a day in the sun, head to the Golf Tournament page to get your business in on things.

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  1. Hello,
    I am interested in coordinating a clean up of exit ramps off 95. I have signatures of about 10 people from my church and a few neighbors that are interested in picking up trash at exits along 95. Exit 80, 81, and 82 specifically.

    We would like to bring awareness to children of the church through our efforts showing how to take responsibility for our trash. I have been involved with many clean ups at Bryan Park while I was on the Board and through the City of Richmond as well. My intent is to purchase gloves, garbage pickers, garbage bags, water and healthy snacks for replenishing the troops, and florescent safety vests and traffic cones for safety. We would have clean ups 2-4 times per year depending on the area.

    My thinking is that only children with a parent would be allowed if on the exit ramp and only over the age of 14. If you have other roads you would like us to target, please let me know.

    This has been some time in planning, in my mind at least. I would love your assistance in bringing this plan to fruition.

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