Cleanup Kit Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who is participating in our Cleanup Kit Giveaway!  It’s good to know that many people care about litter in our landscapes and on our roads.  The comments have been encouraging too, when asked to tell why they would like a kit:

“We have a date scheduled with our employees of to clean up our road that our factory is on.”

“To help my scouts pick up trash safer.”

“The cleanup kit will help my sorority sisters and I to reach and pickup trash along our stretch of adopted highway.”

What is your why?  Tell us why you would like to have a Cleanup Kit, and enter your name for the September drawing!

Congratulations to our August Cleanup Kit Winners:

Jennifer A. of Wytheville
Jennifer P. of Richmond
Lauren C. of Surry
Jim C. of Mechanicsville
John S. of Cross Junction
Katelyn P. of Montclair
Kathi H. of Round Hill
Roxanne W. of Montross
Harbans S. of Herndon
Jim H. of Keswick

We appreciate your work to improve our natural and scenic environment!