Cleanup Kits are Ready!

We want to say THANK YOU! to the volunteers who came out to help us sort out supplies and assemble Cleanup Kits!  They are ready to be shipped to ten names that will be drawn at the end of July.  We are also grateful for the support of Altria and HandsOn, who make this program possible.  These are people and organizations that truly care about the scenic and natural environment of our Commonwealth, and their help is going to bring about change.

That’s the one thing that’s going to affect the Litter Tide — when individual behavior changes.  One way to do that is ongoing litter cleanups.  Littered environments attract more litter.  Another way is to have attractive and well-maintained landscaping to set a community standard.  Neighborhoods that make an effort to “beautify” promote a sense of personal responsibility not to litter.

That’s why we are giving away Cleanup Kits, to give you the ability to get out there and safely pick up litter from the roadways and landscape.  You can have an impact on people’s behavior.

We pose a question on our Cleanup Kit entry form that asks what people hope to accomplish with a Cleanup Kit, and the responses have been so encouraging!!  Here are some good ones:

“People are disposing of their masks and gloves in parking lots. I would love to clean this mess up.”

“I cannot stand to see the irresponsibility of some, to ruin the beauty of our earth.”

“Every grabber is a catalyst to build a community of stewards who will work to leave our city cleaner and safer than ever, protecting the local environment.”  Whoa, well said!

And here’s a great one:

“As an earth-loving, litter-despising eco citizen, I would be honored to use your cleanup kits to help keep our environment beautiful.”

What would YOU hope to accomplish with a Cleanup Kit?  Fill out a form and let us know!