Get Your Cleanup Kit!

Litter is out there, more than ever, but what can you do about it?

Littered environments attract more litter.  If there’s already disposable food packaging and coffee cups on the ground at the perimeter of a parking lot, for example, people are more inclined to leave their litter on the ground too.  But if the parking area does not have litter on the ground, people are more likely to take a look around for a trash can to properly dispose of their trash when they finish their lunch.

Litter in recreation areas is evenly split between items over four inches and smaller items. Most litter that is larger than four inches is food-related, including packaging and food waste. Whereas most of the litter in recreation areas that is smaller than four inches is cigarette butts.

Tackling the litter problem requires a change in behavior.  You can be the change, and we want to help you get started!  We’re giving away ten Cleanup Kits this month!  Each Kit has six trash grabbers, trash bags, recycling bags, gloves, and a scale to measure your accomplishments!  We will choose ten names from all those entered on or before July 31st and ship a kit directly to them. Just enter your name on the form, and tell us what you hope to do if you receive a Cleanup Kit!