Blue Ridge Conservation Earns $1,000 to “Bee” Beautiful

Blue Ridge Conservation will receive a $1,000 Green Grant award for its Community Beautification project that will support the bee population in the Lynchburg area.

Blue Ridge Conservation was formed in 2019 to promote conservation issues in the central Virginia area. Last year BRC partnered with the City of Lynchburg to plant three, one-acre wildflower pollinator beds on Lynchburg highways. All three acres bloomed for an extensive part of last summer and into the fall, providing support to local pollinators, as well as a beautiful display along the roads. Funds provided by Keep Virginia Beautiful will be used to replant the three aces again this year, to support pollinators for another summer. By demonstrating a pollinator support project in a highly visible location, the Blue Ridge Conservation will educate the public about the importance of pollinators, and provide a model that can be used statewide on highways.

Did you know that June is National Pollinators Month?  This is just one example of a beautiful project that can benefit the bees, and all of us, by working together!