$1,000 Grant Goes to Hopewell Youth Conservation Club

Hopewell High School’s Youth Conservation Club will be awarded $1,000 for their Litter Prevention project.

A student in his junior year at Hopewell High School created the Hopewell Youth Conservation Club, bringing students, instructors, and community leaders together to help keep local rivers and ecosystems clean. They hope to continue their plans for trash cleanups, projects, and educational opportunities in the Fall due to current COVID-19 restrictions . However, their Storm Water Pipe Capture Net project can be implemented within the existing social distancing guidelines. The Hopewell Youth Conservation Club will place a high tensile plastic net at the end of a storm water drainage pipe that empties into the Appomattox River at the Hopewell Marina. The net will filter plastic and floating debris from runoff that would otherwise end up in the Appomattox River. The club will be assisted by the Hopewell Parks and Recreation Department to place the net and keep up routine maintenance and disposal of its contents.

Congratulations to the Conservation Club!  Good luck with your project!