“Big Butts” Project Wins Grant for Hampton Roads PDC

Hampton Roads Planning District Council is awarded a $500 Green Grant for it’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.

AskHRgreen.org is a public awareness program that encourages environmental stewardship among all residents of the 17 cities and counties of Hampton Roads administered through the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. Their “Big Butts” project is an original public art and outreach program aimed at raising awareness about cigarette litter, and ultimately reducing it. The initiative will include creating 18 over-sized cigarette butts made from PVC pipes, Styrofoam, and spray paint. The project will be supported by public relations and outreach to local media channels through news releases, social media, and articles. The creation of the big butts will also be documented in a tutorial video and made available to the public. They hope that the Big Butts public outreach program will help smokers realize even a small cigarette butt is a big problem for the health and beauty of our environment.

Can’t wait to see the “Big Butts” out in public!  Congratulations!