Virginia Zoological Society wins $1000 for Recycling

The Virginia Zoological Society in Norfolk has been awarded a 30 in Thirty Green Grant of $1000 for its recycling project. The Virginia Zoo, home to over 700 animals, is the largest zoo in the Commonwealth. Partnering with Eco-cell, a family-owned business in Louisville, Kentucky, the zoo plans to recycle electronics like smartphones, tablets, adapters, and chargers. The electronic items use rare minerals and metals, several of which are mined in endangered species habitats. By recycling these electronic components, they will be help the environment by protecting the habitat of many endangered species, reduce stress on the environment, and deter toxic waste from our landfills by recycling what is often thrown in the trash. Funds provided by us will be used to purchase a secure deposit vault for collecting the electronics, as well as signs and graphics to educate the public about cell phone recycling.

Since 2011, we have provided $203,000 for 260 different environmental projects and programs all across the Commonwealth, due to the generosity this year of our partner Altria, as well as additional support from Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola.