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Friends of Peak Creek win big for Litter Prevention!

We are celebrating June by giving away a 30 in Thirty Green Grant each day of the month. Today’s winner is Friends of Peak Creek, Inc. in Pulaski, who have been awarded a grant of $500 for its Cigarette Litter Prevention project.

Since 2011, we have provided $203,000 for 260 different environmental projects and programs all across the Commonwealth, due to the generosity this year of our partner Altria, as well as additional support from Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola.

Friends of Peak Creek, Inc. is a volunteer organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the Peak Creek Watershed. The grant funds will go towards the organization’s project called, “Stash Your Ash.” Friends of Peak Creek, Inc. will place commercial cigarette butt receptacles throughout the town of Pulaski in order to reduce cigarette litter. Educational materials about cigarette butt litter will also be posted on their website, social media platforms, and local newspapers.