Rappahannock County Rec Wins a Grand for Park

Rappahannock County Recreational Facilities will receive a 30 in Thirty Green Grant of $1000 for its Beautification project.

Rappahannock County Park is a 7.3-acre public area that includes a river, 3 woodland trails, and a large cleared upper area with recreational facilities and a pavilion. Over the years, the Park had become overgrown with invasive vines and shrubby growth that masked the natural beauty of the land, and discouraged visitor enjoyment of the natural areas of the Park. They have cleared an area to make space to plant a native pollinator garden, which will illustrate the beauty of native plants, as well as their importance to the survival of native insects, butterflies, bats, birds and other wildlife species. Funds awarded by us will be used to purchase native plants.

Since 2011, we have provided $203,000 for 260 different environmental projects and programs all across the Commonwealth, due to the generosity this year of our partner Altria, as well as additional support from Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola.