SCRAP RVA Makes Most of Green Grant

Each year, we award between thirty and 35 Green Grants to groups, schools, and organizations that share our mission to keep Virginia beautiful. SCRAP RVA was one such recipient. They recently reached out to tell us the good work they’ve been able to do with their 30 in Thirty Green Grant:

“SCRAP RVA provides three important components to the Richmond community. First, SCRAP RVA enhances environmental awareness and sustainable behavior, by reducing the steady flow of materials into the waste stream and promoting the use of reclaimed supplies. Second, SCRAP RVA provides educational programs that promote a more creatively active and environmentally aware citizenry. Third, SCRAP RVA increases access to education and materials, by providing a low-cost alternative to for-profit stores and workshops.

The 30 in Thirty Grant supported SCRAP RVA’s mission to provide low/no cost educational experiences in the community promoting young people’s excitement about recycling and upcycling. Through our Summer Studio Upcycling project we conducted seven free workshops with a total of 83 youth participants. During each workshop the Artist/Educators asked open-ended questions about creative reuse. They encouraged the students to have fun, explore, and allow the materials and activities to spark their own upcycling ideas.

We were pleased to expand our geographic reach by conducting workshops in the City of Richmond (one at VCU; two at the Downtown Main Branch Library; two at Fox Elementary School in the Fan District), and surrounding counties  (one in Chesterfield County at Girls for a Change headquarters and one in New Kent County at Gethsemane Church).”