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Leading by action

Starting in 2012 I have been collecting Roadside litter from a section of route 608 in Greensville County VA near the Boars Head Plant. In Dec 2015 I asked Linwood Pope to facilitate VDOT installing no litter signs on roadside in front of my two properties-completed. I asked VA to installed adopt a highway signs along same stretch completed. I have been collecting Roadside litter solo along this Stretch since 2012. I purchased a 16 acre farm there in 2011 and hauled out 5 pickup loads of litter before rehabilitation of the property by planting 10k pine seedlings. THE 9 BAGS IN THIS PIC ARE FROM 4 hours OF SOLO ROADSIDE LITTER COLLECTION in that hihway stretch on Dec 3, 2016. People have told me this is a joke less effort. I disagree. One person taking action can make changes happen. I say lead by action to make our roadsides pristine!