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Our 2015 Get Caught Winners!







Keep Virginia Beautiful is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Get Caught in a Beautiful Act contest!

IMG_05061The beautiful people at Clover Hill Elementary School in Chesterfield County celebrated Earth Day all week, by planting seeds, cleaning up trash from school grounds during recess, distributing flowers to faculty and staff, holding an “Earth Day Poster Contest,” and a “Dress Like A Plant Costume Contest.”





Proving that green is a beautiful color, Green Aquia, a group of environmentally conscious neighbors in Aquia Harbor in Stafford County, clean up litter and debris that washes down streams through their community before it reaches the Potomac.






Our beautiful friends at RVA Clean Sweep teamed up with Dogtown Dance Theater to clean up 5 blocks around the theater, and the dancers picked up litter with style.






This beautiful act includes Maggie, age 8, helping to keep her Oak Springs neighborhood clean.






Congratulations to our winners! The 2016 Get Caught in a Beautiful Act contest has already started – submit your pictures today!