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What a Shiver in the River!

Wow! That’s really all we can say – Wow! Shiver in the River!

When we held our inaugural Shiver in the River last year, we were overwhelmed with the support and enthusiasm you showed. We made our stretch of the James River that much cleaner, appreciated Virginia’s beauty, and over 150 took the James River Jump into the frigid waters.

This year far exceeded our expectations. Over 400 took part in our Cleanup, over 200 made the pledge to take the James River Jump, and well over 350 participated in our new 5K Walk/Run! These numbers include over 80 amazing teams. And that’s not counting the many who simply came to enjoy our Winter Festival. There were young people and old, children, and dogs reveling in the beauty of the James River Park System and Historic Tredegar. While it was a bit warmer this year than last, the James was actually four degrees colder than last year – a brisk 36 – but that didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. Remember – if you were a participant you can still earn incentive gifts by adding to your fundraising page!

In addition these numbers, there were over 100 high school students, college students, sororities, soldiers from Fort Lee, and more who came to act as volunteers to help us run the event.

Our 5K coordinators were the Richmond Road Runners, and you can see the full race results on their site. Click to top link for “First Day 5K” and then scroll down to Shiver in the River. Our overall winner, Dalton Randall, was there as a volunteer working the registration tables at 8:30 am! We saw him back at the tables after the race, and asked him how it went. He smiled sheepishly and said, “17:31. I won.”

Congratulations Dalton and thanks for all of your help!

Here are some other highlights:

Our top 3 overall finishers were:

Dalton Randall at 17:31
Robert Agaba at 19:05
Jason Lippy at 19:40

The top 3 women were:

Danielle Murray at 23:03
Kate Kulbok at 23:16
Cierra Gillard at 23:31

At 9 – Under the winners were Kyle Tyson (22:24) and Deni Peters (29:57).

10 – 14 went to Josh Decker (28:44) and Payton O’Brien (28:35).

65 – 69 went to Dick Fisher (36:44) and Jesse Wright (49:56).

Our top fund raising team was Margaret’s Plunging Twinkle Toes who gathered $4,600 to honor Margaret O’Bryan for her conservation efforts and her battle against cancer.

We’ll update this post as we gather more details about your amazing efforts.

The video below is courtesy of Daryl Watkins of Creative Dog Media. The gallery below that comes from Lowrey and Beth Holthaus, Kim Hynes, and Dave Parrish Photography.

Shiver in the River 2016 – #RVA – Creative Dog Media from Creative Dog Mediaâ„¢ on Vimeo.