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Virginia Aquarium Nets 30 in 30

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Center in Virginia Beach has been awarded a $1,000 30 in 30 grant in the Litter Prevention Category. Our Thirty Grants in 30 Days program focuses greater resources and attention on organizations and individual localities throughout the Commonwealth and how they are addressing the issues of litter prevention, recycling, waste reduction, beautification and education.

We provided the opportunity for government, non-profit and/or service organizations in Virginia to apply for one of our 30 in 30 grants of $500 to $1,000 in three different categories: Litter Prevention, Recycling, and Community Beautification. These grants are made possible by Lowe’s Charitable & Educational Foundation and MeadWestvaco.

The mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to inspire conservation of our marine environment through education, research and sustainable practices.  As a regional leader active in promoting conservation programs and sustainable practices, the Aquarium will endeavor to encourage visitors to think about the implications of their actions regarding cigarette butt litter by installing additional cigarette butt receptacles and educational signage. Addressing cigarette butt litter on the property is critical to the health of the marine environment because the Aquarium sits at the edge of a tidal waterway that connects directly to the Atlantic Ocean. We are proud to support this Cigarette Litter Prevention Program by the Virginia Aquarium. It will reduce the litter impacting our environment, beautify their property (& community), educate their visitors, and encourage neighbors, sponsors, and nearby businesses to participate.