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Falling Creek Ironworks Champion

Norma Jean Corbin is a longtime resident of Chesterfield County. She has dedicated tireless hours to cleaning, preserving and promoting Falling Creek Ironworks. Falling Creek Ironworks is located at the border of Chesterfield County and the City of Richmond. As an active member of the James River Advisory Council (JRAC), Jefferson Davis Association (JDA), the Bensley Area Civic Association, Ampthill Civic Association, Chesterfield Historical Society and the Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation, Norma serves as a vocal advocate for the renewal of the site and study of the site’s hidden historical treasures. She also has been very committed to enhancing Jefferson Davis Highway where she led the efforts in the reinstallation of historical mile markers.

Additionally, Norma has participated as a site coordinator at Falling Creek Ironworks for the Annual James River Regional Cleanup sponsored by JRAC for a decade, contributing to the removal of 709 bags of trash and recycling from Falling Creek. Norma continues to work with local governmental agencies and businesses to enhance, beautify and improve the restoration of Falling Creek Ironworks through awareness, funding and support. One of Norma’s lifelong goals is to have Falling Creek Ironworks completely restored as park and used daily by the community. Her leadership, active involvement and dedication to Falling Creek Ironworks deserve to be recognized and commended. We appreciate Norma’s enthusiasm and commitment to Chesterfield County’s community and the region.