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Make Your Holidays Green!

Many people worry about their environmental impact around the holidays…not to worry there are many things you can do to lessen your load on the planet!

10 things you can do to make your holidays green:

1. Consider making a donation to an organization in your friend or family’s name…it shows that you care about others and that you know what they care about as well, plus there is no impact on the planet other than a positive one!

2. Recycle your wrapping paper…unless it some kind of foil coated wrap, it is recyclable…better yet toss all that left over paper in a bag and save it for next year’s packaging filler for all your shipped gifts!

3. Cut out the pretty and festive parts to this year’s holiday cards…use them as next year’s gift tags, it will absolutely make someone’s day to get their old christmas card as the gift tag in the future (plus you don’t even have to label the “To:”)!

4. Send an electronic holiday card…there are tons of greeting card sites that allow you to make really personal and multi-tiered cards to email and share, they are even printable if the recipient so desires!

5. Use gift bags…not only are these pretty and easier than paper, they are so reusable, I reuse my bags until they give out!

6. When replacing lights choose LED lights…if you need to purchase lights this year, buy LEDs, they use less energy and last 10X longer!

7. Shop online…you use no gas and the gift is only shipped once (now I will say that this goes against my “shop local” ideals but at least its less harmful than big store shopping)!

8. Go Reusable for Parties…use real plates, napkins, and cups for your holiday get-togethers (and if you have to purchase paper or plastic items, buy recyclable and/or compostable varieties)!

9. Homemade is best…whether its homemade cookies, treats, soups, dips, crafts, cards, ornaments, etc., make them yourselves, nothing says you care more than homemade goodies!

10. Plastic vs.Real…this is something I struggle with every year. Fresh trees are a no no for me because I cringe at taking the life of a tree for my own festive satisfaction, however today there are more options…like potted trees! You can get hundreds of varieties of trees and evergreens that are very festive, smell great and then can be planted in your yard after the holiday season is over to enjoy year after year (and decorate too)! Now I purchased a plastic/fake tree 14 years ago and I presume that it was made in a very ungreen way and probably still contains many nongreen chemicals, however I concole myself with the realization that I use the same tree year after year (and will until it can no longer stand)…14 trees are alive because I choose for them to live on!