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New Roots Youth Garden Digging Into Grant

New Roots

SunflowersThe New Roots Youth Garden in Cape Charles has been awarded $750 in the Beautification and Community Greening Category of Keep Virginia Beautiful’s 30 in 30 Grants.  The KVB grant program focuses greater resources and attention on organizations and individual localities throughout the Commonwealth and how they are addressing the issues of litter prevention, recycling, waste reduction, beautification and education.

New Roots Youth Garden, Inc. represents community pride and commitment to beautifying our town and developing our youth.  New Roots, Inc. was established in the fall of 2011 through a partnership among the New Roots Youth Garden Committee, Town of Cape Charles, Cape Charles Rotary Club, and many other individuals and organizations. The Town of Cape Charles provided free use of a one-half acre lot for the establishment of the garden. Volunteers have cleared the space of debris, constructed five of the nine planned raised beds, and have two beds now producing edibles. They have built a tool shed, obtained electricity and established a dedicated water line. With this grant, the garden plans to install an herb garden and a butterfly garden with shrubs and perennials, including drip irrigation. New Roots Youth Garden is really the key in the beautification of Cape Charles. With its history as one of the earliest colonized areas in North America, the entire Eastern Shore is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Cape Charles is the largest small town on the southern end of the shore and the only one with direct access to the Chesapeake Bay. The New Roots Youth Garden Committee has stepped up with enthusiasm and expertise to take one small, but highly significant, step forward toward reclaiming some of the grandeur that existed in the once booming seaside town of Cape Charles.New Roots

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  1. Sandi Curtin says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful town project! We were visiting this past weekend to celebrate Kathy Bonadeo, we shared a love of gardening. This wonderful project not only brings beauty into a lovely town, it brings learning, great veggies, enthusiastic youngsters, and establishes a root in kindness being nurtured by caring adults!

    As promised I will be sending garlic sets for the children to plant.
    I’m sure they’ll be the best around! My grandson likes to eat the seeds… keeps the mosquitoes and vampires at bay!

    Monarch Butterflies love and live with their favorite plant, the Milk Weed plant. It does well in Illinois, and comes back after the worst of winters. I LOVE watching the monarchs nibble, lay eggs, and wala, a lovely caterpillar and if we’re lucky, an amazing new butterfly!
    I can send a seed pod in the late fall for you to plant if you are interested. Let me know.

    Please give me an address to send the sets to.
    I was so excited to see this lovely garden that Kathy found as her happy place. I love it too!
    Let me know when U can order the visor, and the book. I’m patient. No worries. I can’t wait to share the story with our town of Sandwich.
    Two of our schools have their own gardens!
    Children love sampling tomatoes, cukes, all sorts of peppers, and I get to harvest it in the fall with them!
    Happy Gardening
    Sandi Curtin…old friend of Tom and Kathy Bonadeo

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