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Holy Cross Academy grabs a Grant!

Recycle Truck

Holy Cross Academy in Fredericksburg has been awarded a $750 grant in the Recycling Category.  They are the latest 30 in 30 Grant Winner!  Holy Cross serves the educational needs of children from preschool through eighth grade.

Holy Cross AcademyThis  year Holy Cross Academy’s 5th grade students adopted the theme “Going Green in 5th Grade“.  They created posters to build awareness throughout the school and encouraged everyone to recycle paper and plastic.  Students made recycle bins out of cardboard boxes, decorated them and placed them in each classroom, office and workroom throughout the school.  Additionally, they arranged for a large container to be placed in the school parking lot and this container is filled with materials that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash.  With this grant, they will purchase 30 blue wall hugging recycling containers to place in classrooms and offices throughout the school.  The school also plans to purchase 2 heavy duty recycle bins to place in the cafeteria/gym/auditorium and the lobby.  Students will be responsible for emptying these containers into the large collection box in the hallway.  They have made great progress in decreasing the amount of trash the school creates; however, there is always room for improvement and purchasing these containers would greatly help the program and hopefully be an inspiration to other Fredericksburg area schools.

Our hats are off to Holy Cross, and we hope that other schools follow their lead!