To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

A Holiday Ode to Virginia

From the quiet streets of Galax to the mountains of Tech,

through the college of Jefferson and scenic Northern Neck.


Some wishes we have for our holiday week;

but for deeds we will ask; not gifts, so to speak.


For a more scenic state, from ocean to valley,

and more things recycled than we can quite tally.


Some gadgets, some bottles, some paper, some trash:

if it stays out of landfills it’s worth more than cash


Plant some trees.  See some life.

Hike the hills.  Heck, bring the wife!


It doesn’t take much to keep our state pretty.

We’re one little part:  one small word in a ditty.


So Muslim or Buddhist, Christian or Jewish:

if we all do our part we can keep the sky bluish.


And keep our fields green, crossed with streams crystal clear.

If we all do our part for our state we hold dear.


For the holidays we wish for our partners and friends:

that you take a small part in making amends.


Happy Holidays Commonwealth!

From Your Friends at Keep Virginia Beautiful