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Make your mailbox GREEN – Stop wasteful junk mail!

Did you know the average American household receives 1.5 trees worth of junk mail each year?  Unnecessary mailings clutter our mailboxes and our lives.  According to the United States Postal Service, advertising mail accounts for 59% of all mail Americans receive.  Most of that junk mail is never even opened!

Fortunately there are ways to give your mailbox a makeover by changing the type of mail you receive.  For $1 you can fill out an online form at DMA Choice which will let 3,600 different organizations know that you are not interested in their junk mail.  Catalogs can also be a wasteful nuisance.  Go to the Catalog Choice website and register for FREE to opt out of mailings.  Remember, you can find the same information by going paperless and checking out your favorite catalog’s website.  Phone books also consume a great deal of paper.  If you don’t use your phone books visit Yellow Pages Opt Out to stop delivery and the next time you need a phone number, look it up online.

What should you do with the junk mail you received today?  Recycle it!  Even the plastic window envelopes can go into the recycling bin.  You can also reuse your junk mail.  Shred it and use it as mulch for your garden, line your pet’s cage or make paper mache.  Shredded paper is also a great recycled packing material!

If you are sick of receiving annoying junk mail make sure you register today to do your part to save paper and go green!