To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

2010 Scenic Virginia Awards

The mission of Scenic Virginia is to promote the Commonwealth’s scenic qualities in a way that makes you recognize and appreciate their value. “Thinking scenic’ when you look out the window and see a beautiful view, “acting scenic’ when you make decisions about your life and community.

According to Jane Henley, President of Scenic Virginia “acting scenic is important because it means that your decisions are reflected in public policy. That means supporting legislation that beautifies our state, making planning choices that benefit the greater good, and having strong values that strengthen our communities and preserve Virginia’s beauty for future generations.”

Scenic Virginia honored award recipients during an awards ceremony and reception at the Virginia State Capitol on October 29th.  Honorary Co-Hosts for the event were The Honorable Bruce F. Jamerson, Clerk of the House of Delegates, and the Honorable Susan Clarke Schaar, Clerk of the Senate of Virginia, who preside over Thomas Jefferson’s historic building.

Both spoke highly of Virginia’s legislators as reported on the Scenic Virginia website.  In particular they commended legislators on their shared willingness to set aside political differences in order to keep the project on track. The result was a beautiful project that came in under budget and ahead of schedule. (Scenic Virginia honored the project with its Scenic Tourism Award in 2009.)

Congratulations to all of the award recipients!  Keep Virginia Beautiful praises all who strive to “thinking scenic” and “act scenic.”  Bravo.