To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

Waste Reduction


  • Establishing more convenient and responsible recycling and disposal options for electronics and household hazardous waste
  • Improving options for recycling organic waste such as yard trimmings and food scraps
  • Promoting the reduction of construction and demolition waste
So What Are You Waiting For?

Look at our mission statement. “Whether you have five minutes or five hours.” That’s all it takes to Keep Virginia Beautiful.

Your School is Greener. How ‘Bout You?

As we kick through August and start gearing up to go back to school we wanted to give some thought to how YOU can be green at school.

The Greenest Brick is the One Already In The Wall

New Home Construction is touted as a key economic indicator but the Greenest Brick is already in the wall.

Henrico Initiating Eco-Friendly Schools

Two of Henrico County’s newest school buildings have acquired LEED certification at the gold and silver level. These new schools, Glen Allen High School and Holman Middle School, are located in central Virginia.

Reduce Your School’s Environmental Footprint!

What is Green Ribbon status? Why do you care? President Obama developed the program because of his commitment to reducing greenhouse gases.

5 More Tips for a Green Summer Vacation!

As you start out on your summer trip remember to do your part to Keep Virginia Beautiful!

Who bears the financial burden of going green?

Who should bear the financial burden of going green? KVB looks at findings by Earth911 – who gets the bill? Consumers vs. Manufacturers?