To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

Waste Reduction


  • Establishing more convenient and responsible recycling and disposal options for electronics and household hazardous waste
  • Improving options for recycling organic waste such as yard trimmings and food scraps
  • Promoting the reduction of construction and demolition waste
Fauquier County Fights Plastic Bag Litter

The purpose of the giveaway was to increase awareness about plastic bag litter and that the fact that re-usable bags were better for the environment.

New Bill Introduced: Littering will cost you!

Delegate Joe Morrisey (D-Va) is submitting a revision of our current litter laws!

What Was Under Your Tree?

Have a nice Holiday? What was the footprint of your gifts?

A Holiday Ode to Virginia

Lexie’s poem put us in the mood so we’re getting iambic on you!

O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas tree

Hampton Christmas Tree 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Reminder The Hampton Clean City Commission encourages you to think now about what will happen to your Christmas tree after the holidays.  Now is the time to plan ahead for the solid waste footprint your tree will leave behind.  You have options! Reduce your Christmas tree waste: […]

Historic Jackson Ward – Grant Winner Reporting In

The Historic Jackson Ward Association reports on their Grant usage!

Washington Henry Goes Reusable!

Washington Henry Elementary School won a grant from Keep Virginia Beautiful to promote the reducing, reusing, and recycling of plastic bags. With this grant, the WHES Go Green Committee was able to purchase 700 reusable bags!