To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.



  • Establishing stronger, consensus based goals for recycling in Virginia
  • Building stronger markets for recycled materials in Virginia
  • Expanding and improving recycling in schools.
  • Establishing more “on the go” recycling options at special events and public venues
I’ve eliminated the paper trail. Now what?

I was like a lot of people this week that watched with geek lust the unveiling of the latest incarnation of the iPad.  But once the intoxication of the dual cameras and shiny body wore off I began to take stock of my office environment. Computer, land-line, cell phone, iPod, iPad, DVD player, television…I am […]

KVB Announces the “30 IN 30” Grant Program!

In honor of Earth Month this April, KVB will be giving a $1,000 grant daily to deserving groups and organizations to help fulfill our mission..

America Recycles Day and “A Bags Life” Launch

“A Bag’s Life” Creates Buzz at America Recycles Day at VA Capitol (Richmond, VA) – Nov. 15, 2010 – A statewide plastic bag recycling awareness campaign in Virginia called A Bag’s Life, which includes an interactive and educational website (, mobile app with nearly 800 drop-off sites by zip code, and video contest was launched […]

Does Anyone Really USE Yellow Pages Anymore?

650,000 tons of phone books are distributed to America’s 100+ million households. Only 117,000 tons of Yellow Pages are recycled each year.

I wanna be in pictures! Confessions of a bag.

You’ve seen me on this website ( and on buttons, ads and magnets. I’m the free plastic bag with enough chutzpah to tell you: “Don’t treat me like trash” and “Gimme a second chance.” Now for my next act: I wanna be in pictures.

How to Recycle Your Clothes

I stumbled upon this awesome step-by-step guide to recycling your clothes. I just had to share…

Recycling is Real in Fairfax County

Major props to our friends in Fairfax County! Recycling is real in Fairfax County!