To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

Litter Prevention


  • Reducing cigarette litter
  • Reducing plastic bag litter
  • Improving litter law enforcement
  • Eliminating dumping illegally
  • Reducing roadside litter through responsible covering of vehicle loads.
The Cove Ridge Foundation Wins Big for Recycling

Cove Ridge Foundation will use their grant funds to purchase new recycling bins to place in their pool and cabin areas.

City of Waynesboro Wins 30 in Thirty for Stormwater

Funds received from us will be used to purchase cigarette butt receptacles, and to create educational signs to be posted in the area.

Friends of Twin Lakes State Park wins for Recycling

In an effort to increase awareness of the park’s recycling program, grant funds will be used to purchase recycling bins and lumber to create a centralized waste disposal station.

Pennington Partners wins Green Grant for Cigarette Litter

Pennington Partners plan to place five cigarette disposal receptacles along the sidewalks downtown, as well as ten receptacles along the new walking trail, “The Greenway.”

Virginia Capital Trail Foundation wins 30 in Thirty

Virginia Capital Trail Foundation, in Richmond, has been awarded a 30 in Thirty Green Grant of $750 for its Litter Prevention project.

Virginia State University Tackles Cig Litter with Green Grant

Today, Virginia State University (VSU) has been awarded a 30 in Thirty Green Grant of $1,000 for their Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. 

Frederick County Recycling wins Recycling Cash

Frederick County Recycling in Winchester has been awarded a 30 in Thirty Green Grant of $750 for its Recycling project.