To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

Litter Prevention


  • Reducing cigarette litter
  • Reducing plastic bag litter
  • Improving litter law enforcement
  • Eliminating dumping illegally
  • Reducing roadside litter through responsible covering of vehicle loads.
Bon Air 4th Grader Bags Thirty in 30

A 4th Grader wrote the Grant proposal for this Richmond-based school, and we were more that happy to award her a $500 grant.

Pine Springs Tackles Recycling with Thirty in 30

Pine Springs Elementary in Falls Church has a two-pronged approach to recycling with their Grant award.

Manassas Plans Weeks with Thirty in 30 Grant

The Thirty in 30 Grant will help fund a project over 7 weeks this summer, in clean-ups, beautification, gardening, a community activism.

Gloucester Sweeps Up Thirty in 30

Gloucester County is using their Grant Award to fight cigarette litter in their treasure – Beaverdam Park.

Bristol Cleans Up with Thirty in 30

The Town of Bristol will use their Thirty in 30 Grant in a unique way to combat litter, employing resources that already exist.

Buckroe Improvement League gets Thirty in 30

The Buckroe Improvement League will use a Thirty in 30 Grant Award to fight cigarette litter by distributing pamphlets & pocket ashtrays.

Angler’s Club in Orange reels in Thirty in 30

The Orange County High School Angler’s Club wins a $500 Thirty in 30 Recycling Grant for a program to recycle fishing line and lures.