To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.



  • Supporting sustainable classrooms and “No Child Left Inside” initiatives
  • Facilitating funding toward expanded and enhanced outreach to diverse groups
  • Promoting awareness of energy efficiency
A Bit of Viewer Mail

It takes your efforts to achieve our mission. A recent note from a new fan proved that point.

Virginia Aquarium Nets 30 in 30

They will educate visitors about cigarette litter and place receptacles around the property.

We took the #Trashbucketchallenge

We see your challenge and raise you 3 more.

Rockfish Valley Wins 30 in 30

It will go towards preservation, education, and beautification.

Piedmont College Wins 30 in 30

They already have an organic edible garden and contribute to their community. This will expand their efforts.

NoVa College Gets 30 in 30

Already aggressively policing their campus for litter, this grant will help them nick it in the butt.

James Madison Wins 30 in 30

The Dukes will restore a stream that has become a drainage ditch. This will recreate a natural wetland.