To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.



  • Supporting sustainable classrooms and “No Child Left Inside” initiatives
  • Facilitating funding toward expanded and enhanced outreach to diverse groups
  • Promoting awareness of energy efficiency
How will you help clean up Virginia in 2011?

Each new year, we all make our resolutions. What’s yours? My goal is to clean up a little bit of Virginia every day.

A little love in 2011?

Estimates suggest that up to 90% of the contents of our bins could actually be reused or recycled. What could you reuse? What could you recycle? On average, American’s throw away about 3.5 pounds of trash each day! Yikes.

Litter Guidelines for Business

One of our favorite partners, Keep America Beautiful, has a great guide for preventing litter in the workplace.

An inspirational moment.

File this post under “Inspiration for a Fresh Start in 2011” (if you had such a folder somewhere) – this isn’t filmed in VA but makes me long for the Blue Ridge Parkway and open windows, or top-down cruising in an old convertible.

Meeting @ Rice Center

It was a pleasure to be invited to the annual meeting for Keep Virginia Beautiful, held this year at the Rice Center, VCU’s research facility on the James River. I’d never been to the center before, but was amazed as I drove up…

Like us on Facebook yet?

If you haven’t been there yet, Keep Virginia Beautiful has a pretty connected Facebook page, with lots of opportunity to get involved, and a great stream of information about our mission in Virginia.

VCU Gets an A-!

The green sustainability report cards are out and VCU has scored extremely well. If you’re not familiar, here’s the excerpt from their site and a link to the VCU report!