To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.



  • Protecting Virginia’s scenic viewsheds
  • Promoting more walkable and bicycle friendly options in communities
  • Promoting tree planting, roadside wildflower and scenic byway programs
So What Are You Waiting For?

Look at our mission statement. “Whether you have five minutes or five hours.” That’s all it takes to Keep Virginia Beautiful.

Your School is Greener. How ‘Bout You?

As we kick through August and start gearing up to go back to school we wanted to give some thought to how YOU can be green at school.

5 More Tips for a Green Summer Vacation!

As you start out on your summer trip remember to do your part to Keep Virginia Beautiful!

James River Gets A Cleanup. Thanks Volunteers

I’ve taught my children the value of our natural environment & how important it is that we do everything we can to protect and preserve it.

Another Update from our 30 in 30 Winners!

We got a great suite of photos from Minnie Moore at Patrick Springs Primary School.  (You can view them here)  The kids at Patrick Springs are growing a “Bowl of Lettuce” school garden and are expanding it to include tomatoes, corn, peas, potatoes, and all kinds of nutritious veggies. While the project has been going […]

35,090 lbs of Trash Removed From Shenandoah

Hey Folks, Just did a quick tally up. Did you know that Earth Korps has removed and recycled over 35,000 pounds of trash from the Shenandoah River since May 2010 with only the hands of a few volunteers. Support local non-profits. Without a loyal donor base things like this would not be possible.

Is it still pollution?

Here at KVB we talk an awful lot about beautification and greening things, but we began to wonder what other forms pollution might take.