To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.



  • Protecting Virginia’s scenic viewsheds
  • Promoting more walkable and bicycle friendly options in communities
  • Promoting tree planting, roadside wildflower and scenic byway programs
Are You Going to Do It?

Do we have a legion of gnomes and fairies who come out at night to Keep Virginia Beautiful? No. It’s people like us who have to do it.

Photo via: Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Water Flows One Way

When you look at the watershed for the Chesapeake Bay, it encompasses over 3/4 of Virginia. And the Bay is downhill from most of us.

Our 4th Annual Keep Virginia Beautiful Golf Tournament!

This is our annual excuse to enjoy the great outdoors, network, and exaggerate our skill as golfers!

I did my part for Earth Day…what are you going to do?

  I stare at the same small 1/4 acre sized wetland everyday I am at the office.  I watch the geese eat the grass, the birds splash in the water, the lizards sunning themselves, etc.  I have also watched the trash/litter increase exponentially so I figured with today being Earth Day, it was the perfect […]

Let’s Re-Introduce the Wolves for Earth Day

A documentary about Yellowstone and an article a dozen years old about a whale made us think about how Giving 60 can create positive change in our Virginia environment.

Support Crittenden Middle School!

This Newport News school is one of 5 nationwide finalists for a big grant!

Green = Green

Keeping our Commonwealth beautiful makes good economic sense. People visiting parks in Virginia kicked in $21.2 Billion in spending.