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COLLECTIONS VPPSA Electronics Recycling & Household Hazardous Waste Collection

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Date & Time
Date: July 14, 2018
Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

York County Operations Center


All collections are open to the residents of Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Hampton and Poquoson. Proof of residency may be required.

Acceptable materials are those typically found in a home environment, and include products such as the following:

Oil paint, Latex paint, Stains, Solvents, Glue, Varnishes, Adhesives, Gasoline and other fuels, Waxes, Gas/oil mixtures, Brake fluid, Engine cleaner (Motor oil and antifreeze are ONLY accepted at events held in the City of Hampton.) Insecticides, Weed killers, Pesticides. Fertilizers, Pest Strips, Oven cleaners, Drain cleaners, Floor waxes and cleaners, Metal polishes or jewelry cleaners, Bleach, Degreasers, Septic tank cleaners, toilet cleaners, Charcoal fluids, Dyes, Kerosene, Swimming pool chemicals, Photo finishing chemicals, Rechargeable Batteries, Fluorescent Light Bulbs (including CFL’s)

Acceptable electronics include:
Desktop and laptop computers, Servers, Monitors (both LCD and CRT types), Computer wiring, Desktop printers including multi function printers, or “all in ones”, Fax machines, Desktop photocopiers and scanners, Cell phones,

Unacceptable Materials include:
TVs, Alkaline Batteries, Medications, Business or Medical Waste, Explosives, compressed gas cylinders, Shock sensitive materials, Radioactive products, Large quantities of unknown materials, Ammunition, Gun Powder, Household Trash