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Date & Time
Date: September 14, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Corner of Arthur Ashe Blvd & Robin Hood Rd


WHO:  Richmond residential collection and disposal only. This event is NOT for commercial or business disposal.

WHEN: -Saturday, September 14, 2019, 10:00AM – 2:00PM

WHERE:  Corner of Arthur Ashe Blvd & Robin Hood Rd
Shredding : up to 5 boxes or 5 paper bags of PERSONAL documents including:

Taxes, bank statements, cancelled checks, credit card statements and receipts, financial accounts, medical records, and insurance documents.
We cannot accept: COMMERCIAL BUSINESS documents, X Rays, cardboard, plastic bags, metal, batteries, CDs, notebooks, binders, or bags of previously shredded papers.

Electronics recycling: (cash or check – no card)

The electronics recycling fees are as follows:
Hard drive – cellphone table shred $5
CRT monitor $17
CRT television $28(more than 27”)
CRT television $23 (equal to or fewer than 27”)
Projection television $23
LCD monitor $6
LCD television $14
Printer $5 (more than 25 lbs.) Printer $2 (fewer than 25 lbs.)

No fees: Computer accessories (cables, wires, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.).  VCRs, camcorders, stereos and all phones.

Hazardous Household Wastes:

Pesticides, Herbicides and Oil-based Paints in original containers.

Small Recycle Tubs

Clean up and drop off your old curbside recycling bins for reuse in the schools.

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This free event is only available to City of Richmond residents – proof of residency is required.

Questions about chipping, shredding, electronics and small tubs to
Darlene.Mallory@richmondgov.com or 804-646-8325.
Questons about hazardous household wastes to :
Jennifer.Clarke@richmondgov.com or call 804-646-8131