Halifax County Awarded $500 Green Grant for Recycling

The Halifax County Quality of Place Work Group is made up of 20 community leaders who volunteer to help their county be the best it can be. This group implemented initiatives like community volunteering to plan and carry out cleanups and beautification projects.

During their Community Clean Up Day, they realized the severity of their littering problem, and now hope to influence change within the community through education and new recycling opportunities.

With a campaign called “It’s in the Bag,” they will use their farmer’s market to start a litter-free and recycling culture in Halifax County. There will be Litter Prevention Stations at each county farmer’s market that offer recycling opportunities, such as reusable shopping bags, a plastic bag recycling receptacle, educational materials, and a list of crafts that children can make with plastic bags.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  Way to go Halifax County!