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Thank you Virginia for making Keep Virginia Beautiful’s year!  What a great State Fair.  It was great meeting each one of you that stopped by our booth.

The issue of plastic bag waste is enormous.  Eric Goldstein is New York City’s environment director for the Natural Resources Defense Council. According to Goldstein, the City Council estimates that New Yorkers use about one billion bags each year. That’s BILLION, with a B.*

Bale of recycled bags - but how many?

We gave out nearly 2000 pocket ashtrays, sold 100 car ashtrays, got thousands of you to take the pledge and sign our banner, and over 1500 of you logged in for the Bag-A-Bench contest to win a free TREX bench!  Including our online participants, your assignment was simple: guess the number of plastic bags in our bale.

And the winner is…Ann Trotta from Virginia Beach who guessed within 6 plastic bags at 6005.
For the record, there were 6011 plastic bags in our 1.5 foot by 2.5 foot bale!
We are thrilled with all the excitement that this contest brought about and plan to do a similar one in the near future.  Remember to always Keep Virginia Beautiful!

These were the clues:

  • A plastic bag weighs less than a nickel.
  • The average piece of TREX Furniture weighs about 150 pounds.
  • TREX decking and railing is made primarily from recycled or reclaimed plastic (mostly from grocery bags and reclaimed pallet wrap) and reclaimed wood.  The ratio is approximately 50% plastic and 50% wood.
  • Trex decking and railing utilizes about 300 million pounds of plastic in total annually, with 70 million of that from grocery bags and stretch wrap.
  • We use over 380 BILLION plastic bags in the U.S. every year.
  • It takes about 1,000 years for a plastic bag to break down.
  • Sea Turtles and other marine mammals mistake them for jellyfish and eat them.

Thanks to all who entered!!

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Every Day is Earth Day

This contest has ended. Keep Virginia Beautiful is proud to have partnered with Walmart and Coca-Cola on this “Every Day is Earth Day” promotion and contest. KVB would like to thank all those that participated in this contest, and especially those proud winners who took home the gift card and Kings Dominion tickets:

Week #1 Winner:  Kristi Sanford from Mechanicsville, VA
Week #2 Winner:  Tony Scida from Richmond, VA
Week #3 Winner:  Cynthia Lucero-Chavez from Stafford, VA
Week #4 Winner:  Elizabeth Fairchild from Powhatan, VA
Week #5 Winner:  Katie Rider from Norfolk, VA
Week #6 Winner:  Janet Zeaiter from Mechanicsville, VA
Week #7 Winner:  Ranny Mast from Midlothian, VA
Week #8 Winner:  Dana Crockett from Studley, VA
Week #9 Winner:  Diana Fakhouri from Richmond, VA


Rules: Individuals may only enter once. Coca-Cola, Walmart, KVB employees are not eligible.

Virginia High School Video Contest

The video contest is over, and we really appreciate all of you that took the time to put together your video entries!  Check out the winners HERE

or just view the VA winner:

To download or print the flyer, click here for the PDF.  For more information, email us at

A Bag’s Life is a partnership between Keep Virginia Beautiful, The Department of Environmental Quality, The Virginia Retail Federation, Virginia Recycling Association, Trex and the American Chemistry Council