To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

Waste Reduction


  • Establishing more convenient and responsible recycling and disposal options for electronics and household hazardous waste
  • Improving options for recycling organic waste such as yard trimmings and food scraps
  • Promoting the reduction of construction and demolition waste
Make your mailbox GREEN – Stop wasteful junk mail!

Unnecessary junk mail clutters our mailboxes and our lives. Here are some tips on ways to go green by changing the type of mail you receive

James River Gets A Cleanup. Thanks Volunteers

I’ve taught my children the value of our natural environment & how important it is that we do everything we can to protect and preserve it.

A guide to eco-friendly household products

When shopping for household products it is important to keep an eye out for items bearing eco-friendly stamps of approval.  With so many green logos on the market these days, it can be hard to keep up with which logo means what.  Don’t worry though; your friends at Keep Virginia Beautiful are here to help!  […]

Waste Watchers of the Eastern Shore in Action

Waste Watchers has accomplished the first phase of its Bring Your Own Bag campaign. Here’s our sign at the Walmart in Onley, VA.

5 Ways to Travel Green this Summer!

5 Ways to Travel Green this Summer: how to be environmentally friendly. Make your next family vacation GREEN, from Keep Virginia Beautiful!

Virginia is not an Ashtray!

Did you know that cigarette butts are litter too? 23% of people thought cigarettes were litter and 79% thought they were bio-degradable.

How green is your school? KVB
How green is your school?

Keep Virginia Beautiful evaluates Virginia schools for their green initiatives. How Green is your school? KVB went looking for answers!