To engage and unite Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.



  • Establishing stronger, consensus based goals for recycling in Virginia
  • Building stronger markets for recycled materials in Virginia
  • Expanding and improving recycling in schools.
  • Establishing more “on the go” recycling options at special events and public venues
A Holiday Ode to Virginia

Lexie’s poem put us in the mood so we’re getting iambic on you!

20 Years until Business-Class Normal

It was 20 years from the Wright Brothers to Coast-to-Coast.

O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas tree

Hampton Christmas Tree 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Reminder The Hampton Clean City Commission encourages you to think now about what will happen to your Christmas tree after the holidays.  Now is the time to plan ahead for the solid waste footprint your tree will leave behind.  You have options! Reduce your Christmas tree waste: […]

Martinsville’s makes good on their 30 in 30

Southwest Piedmont VA Master Naturalist Chapter Reports in on their 30 in 30 Grant Thanks to the KVB grant and a community volunteers, tremendous improvements have been made in J. Frank Wilson Memorial Park.  Once considered an unsafe place for families, the stigma is slowly beginning to change as the park is restored to its […]

Grant Report from Grayson County HS!

Grayson Spreads the Word on Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling This is Grayson County High School in southwest VA posting about the project we were able to accomplish through the grant we received from Keep America Beautiful. The project we chose was to educate our community and student body about was the importance of reducing, reusing, […]

Historic Jackson Ward – Grant Winner Reporting In

The Historic Jackson Ward Association reports on their Grant usage!

Washington Henry Goes Reusable!

Washington Henry Elementary School won a grant from Keep Virginia Beautiful to promote the reducing, reusing, and recycling of plastic bags. With this grant, the WHES Go Green Committee was able to purchase 700 reusable bags!